Our People

Weedons School has a teaching staff of six, a full time secretary, several teacher aids, reading recovery assistance, out-sourced swimming lessons, and our all important cleaners and grounds maintenance staff. Below are descriptions of why some of our key staff work at Weedons.

Ian Gilmour
Deputy Principal Senior School

Teacher Totara Room 1, Years 7 & 8

I’m Ian Gilmour and I am the Deputy Principal in the Senior School. I have been at Weedons since 2009. Before that I have taught mainly in the intermediate system and have spent nearly twenty years working with pupils at this level. They are great to be around. I’m married to Vicki and have three great children - Evangeline, Trinity and Dominic. I enjoy cricket and touch rugby although I am a keen follower of sport in general. It has been great to work in such a friendly school with so many enthusiastic students and staff.

Contact me: iangilmour@weedons.school.nz

April Fitzjohn
Deputy Principal Junior School

Teacher Kauri Room 4, Years 3 & 4

Hi there! This is my 12th year teaching at Weedons School and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am responsible for the little monsters in Room 4 who are a year 3 / 4 mix. We have a lot of fun, interspersed with the ‘screaming heebie-jeebies’ when necessary! I am Deputy Principal for the Junior School and have a fantastic team with whom to work. I am also the staff representative on the BOT. Weedons is a unique environment where the ‘Weedons Way’ is lived and breathed by parents, staff and students alike. Dress-up days are a particular favourite of mine.

Contact me: aprilfitzjohn@weedons.school.nz

Emma Hubbard

Teacher Rata Room 6, New Entrants

Hello I am Emma Hubbard and I am the sole teacher in Rata Room 6. I love meeting all the new children in Room 6 and helping them (and their parents) settle into our school. I organise our annual pet and craft day in October. I always look forward to seeing the great array of pets that come through our gate on the day and the creativity of the children's classroom exhibits- it's definitely a highlight of our wee country schools year! I am currently the teacher in charge of ICT.

Contact me: emmahubbard@weedons.school.nz

Michele Dawson

Teacher Rimu Room 5, Years 1 & 2

Presently I am job sharing in Room 5 with Mel Anngow. We are responsible for a delightful group of Year 1 and 2 children. I am passionate about helping children reach their full potential, particularly those who have specific learning difficulties. Outside of the classroom I maintain the junior school reading resources. Weedons School is a wonderful place to teach because of the amazing support we receive from the students' parents and other community members.

Contact me: micheledawson@weedons.school.nz

Melanie Anngow

Teacher Rimu Room 5, Years 1 & 2

I'm Mel Anngow and I team teach in Room 5 with Michele Dawson. I currently work two days a week at Weedons. I spend the rest of my week looking after my two young boys. As well as teaching the main curriculum areas of Literacy and Numeracy, I especially enjoy teaching I.C.T., Maori and P.E. to Room 5. After being at Weedons for several years, I still find it a fantastic place to work. The children are so keen and eager to work hard and learn, and as a staff member, you feel like part of a supportive and fun team.

Contact me: melanngow@weedons.school.nz

Andrea Ward

Teacher Harakeke Room 2, Years 5 & 6

I have been teaching children at the Year 5 & 6 level for quite a few years now. I enjoy teaching in such a supportive community and look forward to seeing the progress the children make each year. I enjoy singing, running and biking when I'm not at school.

Contact me: andreaward@weedons.school.nz

Jane Adcock

Part-time Teacher Totara Room 1 and Kowhai Room 3

Hi, my name is Jane Adcock and I currently teach in Room 1 on a Monday and Room 3 every second Tuesday. In addition, this year, I am working with a variety of classes in Room 7 every second Tuesday in the areas of Science, Music and Inquiry. Over my many years of teaching I have had the privilege of working with all year levels but have predominantly worked in the middle school (Yrs 4-6). I have been working at Weedons School since 2013 and my husband (Kevin) and I have just recently moved into the local area. I now work Mondays/Tuesdays at Weedons School and Thursdays /Fridays at West Melton School and enjoy teaching in such friendly communities with so many great students and supportive parents.

Contact me: janeadcock@weedons.school.nz

Debbie Heath

Teacher Aide - Senior School

Trina Clarke

Teacher Aide - Junior School

Marie Mallon

Office Manager





Katrina Robinson

Singing/Guitar Tutor

Hi I'm Katrina. I am the Guitar and Singing teacher here at Weedons School. I have been here for two years now and love every minute of it. I have been singing and playing the guitar for most of my life and find it extremely rewarding to inspire Children to learn and enjoy music. Music lessons don't have to be boring. In fact they can be fun!! You are welcome to contact me at anytime if you would like to start lessons. I can help you become the guitarist or singer that you want to be. I am at all times encouraging. inspirational, supportive and motivating.

Contact me: katrina.robinson@clear.net.nz

Carla Ladbrook

Flute, Keyboard Teacher