The Weedons Way

The Weedons Way has for a long time represented the traditional beliefs and culture of our school.

The Weedons Way incorporates the core set of values by which the school operates. It includes the school motto and six values.

The Weedons Way underpins curriculum programmes, teaching and learning at our school. It helps to keep all of us focused on what is most important in student learning and development.

In addition, The Weedons Way represents the journey students take during their time at Weedons. It is depicted in the school visual that shows The Weedons Way pathway leading towards the mountains and new challenges. On the way the children gather in their backpack the tools they need to become successful lifelong learners. The Know, Grow, Show on the backpack is a symbol of the learning we want our children to gather on their journey. We want them to know, grow and show understanding of themselves, others and their world through their values and attitudes.

  • Know - Understand themselves and the way they learn and interact with others.
  • Grow - Grow in understanding of themselves, others and their world.
  • Show - Show their learning in a variety of ways with understanding of themselves,others and their world through their values and attitudes


The Seven Values


Belonging and working together.

Foster an inclusive environment where all feel a sense of family, ownership and collaboration


Wanting to do the very best that I can, even if it is hard.

Strive to do your best, without doing so at the expense of others. Develop the determination to overcome obstacles. Students will actively pursue the school motto “Respect the rest and be your best”


Being truthful with other people and with myself.

Strive to be truthful and open with ourselves and each other.


Doing things for myself. Looking for things that need doing.

Foster independent thought and the confidence to take the initiative, following this through in action.


Being polite at all times and with all people.

We expect a high level of courtesy, use of good manners and that students learn to modify their behaviour for different situations.


Treating all people in the way I would like to be treated.

Show consideration for others, celebrate diversity and acknowledge the experience and capabilities of others.


Accepting that some jobs are mine to do. Facing up to my mistakes.

Students will take responsibility for their own decisions and well being. They will look after their own, others and the school’s property. We will encourage our students to focus on what they can do to help solve problems. They will be encouraged and guided as they move through the school to take responsibility for their own learning.


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