We are delighted you have chosen, or are considering, our school for the education of your child/ren. We look forward to working in an effective partnership, so as to ensure your time with us will be a happy and rewarding one.

At Weedons School, we aim to create for you and your children, a welcoming environment where you all feel relaxed and happy about approaching any of the staff or Board of Trustees concerning your child’s learning, or the operation of our school. 

We are all very proud of our school, its people, its environment, its achievements, its values, its uniform, and its teamwork. We focus on “The Weedons Way” (our school values), and are very happy to have you as a part of our team.


  • A full primary school, Year One to Year Eight.

  • A fun, innovative, progressive and well balanced rural school.

  • Six roomy, modern classrooms

  • Dedicated, enthusiastic, fun and helpful teaching and support staff.

  • A balanced teaching programme catering for individual needs.

  • Experienced teacher aides who provide programmes for children requiring extra support.

  • Reading Recovery.

  • Leadership opportunities for senior students - Student council, House Leaders, Sports Captains.

  • Very spacious and attractive grounds.

  • Library, Te Wharenui (Meeting Hall)

  • Doing things “The Weedons Way”.

  • Access to sporting activities.

  • Very supportive community Board of Trustees and Friends of Weedons (PTA).

  • Extensive playing area and a wide range of equipment and facilities for the full use by all students.

  • Private music lessons available during school hours (keyboard, singing, guitar).

  • Enviro /club - Worm Farms,Vegetable Composting, Fruit Trees Berry Gardens.

  • One to one devices for years 4 to 8 - Chromebooks leased by the school.  Whanau make a voluntary donation bi-annually to support their upkeep.


If your usual place of residence is within the zone you have automatic right of entry!

We would still appreciate as much notice as possible of your intention to enrol your children. This will enable us to plan for the coming years.

A map of the zone can be seen on the Contact Us page. 


Weedons School is committed to maintaining its unique family feeling through managing the role at or around 160 pupils. This is achieved through taking all children from within our zone, and others as space becomes available


This policy seeks to limit the school size to maintain the unique climate of the school, and to manage numbers of students with the current infrastructure.


The School Board of Trustees has adopted the following scheme governing enrolments at Weedons School to avoid potential overcrowding.


If you would like your child to attend Weedons, even though they are not within the Weedons School zone, please download and complete the following form:

Weedons School Enrolment Scheme Map.jpg