April Fitzjohn

Teacher Room 4

Hi there! After 14 years of full time teaching at Weedons, most of it in Room 4, I have slotted into a part time role which I love.

I take new entrants every Thursday (who keep me on my toes) and then do teachers’ classroom release time on one other day a week, keeping me in touch with all the students whom I know well.

I run an enviro club at lunchtimes and have overseen a number of initiatives over the years; the planting of fruit trees and natives, the building of a plastic bottle ‘greenhouse’, the running of veggie gardens and the installation of a rainwater collection tank.

Weedons is a special school with a truly unique character. It’s also a happy and friendly school with many caring and empathetic students; parents are hugely supportive and fully involved with the life of the school. We have lots of fun, especially on dress up days (my personal favourite!)