Kathy Bell


Welcome to Weedons. I have been a teacher at Weedons for a number of years and now consider it a privilege to be a leader in such a great school.

How best to describe this wonderful little school? I have used our school visual to try to share with you some of the things that make Weedons such a special place to be:

In the background of the visual lays the majestic Southern Alps. Mighty rivers lie to our North and South.

During their eight years at Weedons students will face challenges, have rivers to cross and mountains to climb. The staff provide the bridges and the ropes and work hard to ensure that every child has the opportunity to cross those rivers and climb those mountains. They do this by recognising students strengths and weaknesses and providing high quality programmes to meet individual needs. Strengths are celebrated and weaknesses are provided with scaffolding or intervention where necessary. Students play a large part in building the bridge and climbing to the next mountain ridge in partnership with their teachers by using the school values, ambition, responsibility and honesty when they are goal setting and self assessing their efforts.

The younger and older students hand in hand represent the family atmosphere we value at Weedons.

Younger students are guided through their early years with support not only from their teachers but also the older students who take responsibility for the younger students in a variety of ways. They demonstrate our values, they support younger students during school events and join them for shared learning in buddy classes during the term. Not only are older students asked to demonstrate good role modelling through their actions and words, but they in turn have the opportunity to grow as leaders.

The fronds of the toi toi are representative of the three intertwined parts of our school that are necessary for continued growth and success:

The staff, a dedicated and collegial team of professionals that put in many hours of work to ensure they are providing fun, innovative and purposeful programmes for all students.

The students, a group of young people who accept challenges and strive to be their best, set good examples and support each other in a positive and caring way.

The parents, who support their children’s learning at home, who volunteer in and out of the classroom to support programmes and events, FOW who work hard to provide those extras for the school and BOT who govern the school in a way that ensures it’s continued success.

The blue sky above the mountains

When unpacking our visual with a group of students, one student explained that at Weedons through the value, ambition,we aim high and reaching the sky is the ultimate. I couldn’t have put it better myself. High expectations are a given, through our values, our actions and our learning.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this community.