The Weedons Way

Respect the Rest and Be Your Best

The Weedons Way has for a long time represented the traditional beliefs and culture of our school.

The Weedons Way incorporates the core set of values by which the school operates. It includes the school motto and seven values.

The Weedons Way underpins curriculum programmes, teaching and learning at our school. It helps to keep all of us focused on what is most important in student learning and development.

In addition, The Weedons Way represents the journey students take during their time at Weedons. It is depicted in the school visual that shows The Weedons Way pathway leading towards the mountains and new challenges. On the way the children gather in their backpack the tools they need to become successful lifelong learners. The Know, Grow, Show on the backpack is a symbol of the learning we want our children to gather on their journey. We want them to know, grow and show understanding of themselves, others and their world through their values and attitudes.

  • Know - Understand themselves and the way they learn and interact with others.
  • Grow - Grow in understanding of themselves, others and their world.
  • Show - Show their learning in a variety of ways with understanding of themselves,others and their world through their values and attitudes

The Weedons Way

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